The SambaViva dancer training program leads aspiring dancers through several stages of technique and training. The program is designed with the goal of developing dancers to join the professional performance team. Acceptance into the training program is by invitation only, based on audition. Samba mastery is not a prerequisite, but dedication and a learning attitude are!

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Basic Expectations

    Weekly commitment to dance training
    Attendance at certain SambaViva events
    Backstage and behind the scenes assistance


Who is part of the SambaViva dancer training program?
The SambaViva dancer training program is for anyone who is interested in learning and performing a variety of Brazilian dance genres.

What would I be training?
Training areas of focus are: advanced samba technique, performance skills, solo development, choreography, mastery of new genres.

How long is the training program?
Progress varies from person to person based on commitment, ability and experience. People who start training together may move through the different phases at different rates. Our goal is for trainees to eventually become part of the professional company!

When do I get to put on one of those snazzy samba costumes?
Costumes are earned! The quality of our dancing and showmanship is of utmost importance and therefore dancers will use costumes that correspond with their proficiency.

How will I know that I’m moving forward in the program?
Trainees are critiqued regularly. We are looking for dancers with strong performance values who can adapt and are seeking to improve.

If you would like more information on the program, please contact us