Some of the fun, cultural activities you’ll do with SambaViva:

Tuesday, February 2, 2016
Daytime: Arrive in beautiful Rio
Evening: Welcome dinner and beach stroll

Wednesday, February 3
Daytime: Dance class
Evening: Samba School rehearsal – up close with a major samba school bateria!

Thursday, February 4
Daytime: Dance class
Cidade de Samba – check out the Carnaval float production studios behind the scenes!
Evening: Carioca nightlife

Friday, February 5 – Carnaval begins!
Daytime: Cristo Redentor – Jesus statue and 360 degree view of the city!
Evening: Carnaval celebration

Saturday, February 6
Daytime: Carnaval Bloco(s) – Carnaval celebrations through the streets of Rio!
Evening: Carioca nightlife

Sunday, February 7
Daytime: Hippy Fair – bring your wallet for a chance to buy one-of-a-kind artisan crafts
Evening: Carnaval Parade – watch the amazing spectacle from the stands of the Sambódromo!

Monday, February 8
Daytime: Free
Evening: Carnaval continues!

Tuesday, February 9
Daytime: Pão de Açucar – jungle walk to the first mountain of Sugar Loaf, then take the cable car to the top for the most romantic and glorious view of Rio yet!
Evening: Free

Wednesday, February 10
Daytime: Say your goodbyes to the Cidade Maravilhosa… until next year!