Master Samba Workshop!


Alex Coutinho and Jorge Amarelloh are making their US debut – direct from Rio! Take your samba to the next level with these masters of the art!

Date: Wednesday, June 22nd
Time: 7:30 – 9:30 PM
Location: Studio 6 on the upper floor
Dance Complex, 536 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA
Early-bird: $30 (thru June 15th)
Regular: $40 (after June 15th)

Alex Coutinho is an internationally renowned samba professional. His charisma, inclusivity and samba technique have made him one of the most sought after instructors and mentors. Alex defines himself as a teacher of samba no pé (samba of the feet).

Currently he holds the following positions:
• Director of Passistas, (samba dancers) of the samba school “Paraíso do Tuiuti ” for the past ten years.
• Passista Director of the “Acadêmicos do Cubango”
• Artistic Director of the International group of Samba dancers: “Poderosas do Samba”

Alex is experienced in training samba dancers starting at 8 years old and has shared his culture and expertise in over 15 countries.

Jorge Amarelloh, an internationally recognized professional, began his career with classical and contemporary ballet. When he turned 15, through an exchange program, he went to Los Angeles to improve his dance skills.

Jorge was a dancer in several Rio samba schools, such as União da Ilha do Governador and São Clemente and he has directed the Alegria da Zona Sul dancers wing. He currently coordinates the male dancers of Paraíso do Tuiuti, in addition to taking care of the choreographic part of the school. He is also the choreographer of the Front Committee of Academics of Engenho da Rainha and current King of Drums of the ssamba chool Em Cima Da Hora.

Together with Alex Coutinho, he manages the project “Aos Passos do Paraíso”.