Who We Are

SambaViva brings Brazil to you!

SambaViva is an internationally recognized dance and music ensemble dedicated to authentically presenting and promoting Brazilian culture. With an energy that is vivacious, striking, and engaging, SambaViva brings a taste of Brazil to any occasion.

Our dazzling, dynamic, and versatile dancers are seasoned professionals with years of performance experience. SambaViva dancers embody the spirit of the many genres we offer through an immersive experience of color, movement, and energy. With bold choreographies and contagious rhythm, a SambaViva show is captivating and spectacular – in a word, unforgettable!

SambaViva performs on a wide variety of stages from Boston to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We are Boston-based and available to travel for delighted audiences anywhere and everywhere!

Have us at your …

  • Wedding
  • Birthday
  • Corporate Event
  • Holiday Party
  • Cultural Festival

… and other festive occasions.

In addition to our diverse range of dance styles, SambaViva can also offer family-friendly costumes. Just ask!

What makes SambaViva exceptional?

SambaViva has strong ties to Brazilian dance communities around the globe. Our dancers train regularly with sought-after dance professionals in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, New York, Los Angeles, and beyond. We are a direct link to evolving and traditional Brazilian dance and musical styles.

SambaViva works with some of the most talented and vibrant musicians and percussionists in the area. Our partners, Beat and Groove and Batucalá, bring deep knowledge of Brazilian rhythms, boundless creativity and musicality, and electrifying energy to our performances.

Hire us and dance with us!

SambaViva has been offering samba and Afro-Brazilian classes for over 10 years. Classes are a cornerstone of our mission to share our enthusiasm for Brazil with people of all ages, genders, and abilities. Our weekly classes aim to create a supportive environment for students to develop technical competence as well as a joy of movement and expression.

The SambaViva dancer training program leads aspiring dancers through several stages of technique and training.The program is designed with the goal of inspiring and developing dancers to join the professional performance team. Acceptance into the training program is by invitation only.

Ready to dance?! Ready to be amazed?! Ready to fire up your next event?! Vamo-lá! (Let’s go!)


To be a vibrant presence in New England by delivering a wide range of Brazilian arts-related services designed to entertain and educate.


To be the leading source of Brazilian cultural experiences and education in the performing arts in New England.