Online Samba no Pé workshop with Thai Rodrigues!

10 Mar 2021


Time : 8:00 PM (ET)
Venue : Zoom

Thai Rodrigues is one of Rio’s finest artists. Trained in Samba no pé, ballroom dance and Brazilian Popular Dance, she is a dancer and performer at the famous Ginga Tropical show as well as the prestigious Carlinhos de Jesus show. Thai is also a Passista for Portela, a model, actress and samba no pé teacher. Thai has traveled extensively around the world to share her art.

Thai’s experience and awards also include:
Champion of the best female Passista (samba no pé )for special schools in 2017
Choreographer and lead character of the 2019 show “Viva Brazil” in the USA
Choreographer, teacher and competitor for the Brazil Samba Congress
Samba Teacher at International samba congresses
Dancer for Preta Gil, Carnaval 2020
Competitor on Brazil’s famous TV show “Faustão” with the group “Filhos do Samba”
Queen, Princess and Musa of numerous blocos around Rio and champion of samba competitions.