We have the pleasure of hosting Liani, Samba de Rainha, this Saturday ONLY! Normally you’d have to go to London to dance with her, so don’t miss out!

Date: Saturday, June 17
Time: 1:30 – 3:00 PM
Location: Dance Complex, Studio 2 (usual place)
Fee: $15 (usual rate)

Liani was born and raised in Santos, São Paulo State (Brazil). My dancing journey started in my teen years at the Capoeira of Mestre Fabio Parada school, and my interest and identification with the Afro-Brazilian religion. Samba, for me, is a true passion. It’s my way of being connected to my roots and culture.


  • Latin Ballroom dance teacher at Arthur Murray dance studio in Houston, Texas.
  • London since 2010- training at Pineapple Dance Studios in Jazz, Samba, Latin and Commercial dance.
  • Since 2021- resident Brazilian Samba dance teacher there.
  • I performed with different Brazilian bands, entertainment companies,and groups in the U.K. I’ve taken my Brazilian Samba to T.V. shows and music videos.
  • In Rio de Janeiro, I’ve been training and parading as a Passista (pro samba dancer) since 2018 at several escolas de samba, most recently Academicos de Salgueiro.